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Blackelvis 'See Love' EP

by Blackelvis


"Brings a bit of funk into the equation. Sounding good!"
Johnny Doom, Kerrang Radio

“Levi, the open-hearted soul and voice that you need to hear.”
Chris Kimsey (Producer Rolling Stones, Marillion, Peter Tosh)

“There is something liquidly musical and steeped in Prince & Hendrix and I think it’s very, very good indeed.”
Adam Walton, Radio Wales

“If Prince, Incubus and Skynyrd had a lovechild ‪out would come the very fresh and interesting mix of Blackelvis!‬”
Minty’s Gig guide Cardiff‬‬‬

Cardiff newcomers Blackelvis release their debut EP ‘See Love’ through Newsoundwales Records 4th October 2019.

Lead single from the EP is ‘Gimme Ya Luv’. Written by front man Levi Tyrell Johnson the song is about: “the frustration of being an artist in this world (in a fun and enjoyable way). It’s about asking for the people’s love and appreciation so that we can make something of our lives and hopefully do good for others along the way. The main premise of the song is; if you give us your love, we won’t waste it. We’ll transform that love into something great!”